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[features_list btitle=”MobiLine – New Way to Communicate” bsubtitle=”Key Features” ][feature_list icon=”icon-clock” title=”GET DISCOVERED”]Mobiline app is designed to help you get discovered. You no longer have to have one profile, we offer up to 5 video profiles to separate personal, professional, and interests.[/feature_list][feature_list icon=”icon-page” title=”PROMOTE OTHERS”]Our community is based on the concept of promoting others. We believe in giving first and reward our most active sharers.[/feature_list][feature_list icon=”icon-place” title=”REAL CONNECTIONS”]Gone are the days of fake profiles and catfishing. Whether you are looking for friends, relationships, business services, or industry connections, video profiles will make sure the people you meet are real.[/feature_list][feature_list icon=”icon-share” title=”STAY IN CONTROL”]Advanced call screening lets you see and hear a video preview of incoming calls. You have control of who you meet and what calls get answered.[/feature_list][/features_list]

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Get Discovered with MobiLine

Available at the App Store!

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