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[header_info title=”small” icon=”icon-twitter” text=”FOLLOW US ON TWITTER” link=”https://twitter.com/MobiLineApp”]We’re a small team of passionate creatives, in love with mobile apps[/header_info]


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MobiLine started with the idea that we could do better when it comes to communication and networking. I took my deep knowledge of VOIP and development and assembled a team of experienced developers.

We set out not just to create another communication app but to make something exceptional both from an app standpoint and also for the end users. With every attention to detail and patented technology we created MobiLine app. We believe it will revolutionize the way people communicate using video, audio, and text in a new way.

As we developed our highly talented team of developers, marketers, PR professionals, and strategists, we had one goal, to create the most amazing app and share it with the world.

[/inf][inf title=”Our Philosophy” subtitle=”TECHNOLOGY SHOULD BRING US TOGETHER”]

Technology has brought many options for communication, with apps and social media we are connected more than ever before. The problem is the way platforms format the communication has in many ways created more separation between people. You can now manage more relationships than ever, yet most communication is no longer human and resides in text, 2 sentence bios, and images.

MobiLine app is built on video as a primary communication format. We offer audio and text, but the foundation of our experience is centered around video profiles and video previews of incoming calls with our patented technology. We think real communication leads to real connections and relationships. There is many platforms out there that you can be fake on, but this is not one of them.

[/inf][inf title=”What Makes Us Different” subtitle=”WE ARE GIVERS”]

Even though our app is all about getting discovered, we have a different take on it. We believe the best members of any community are the givers not the takers. We designed our platform to reward users for promoting others. It isn’t our self promotion that generally makes the difference, it is when someone promotes us to people we don’t know.

Our video profiles allow you to showcase who you are so our users can promote and share your profiles so you get discovered.


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