Finding the Value in Giving First

If people understood the value in giving instead of taking, the world would be a better place. This is more than a nice sentiment. The fact is even if you are trying to get, the path of giving is so much more effective than being a selfish taker. In the case of talent, business, or even in relationships, people want to be discovered. That requires other people to do something for you. When trying to get something from someone you can’t just take it. That is called robbing. The sad thing is so many people in business are so focused on themselves and self-promotion that they fail to understand that the path they choose won’t take them to where they want to go. They have to learn the value of giving first.

When You Are a Taker, You Are All Alone

Takers gonna take. The problem is that everyone has needs and goals and the toughest things to do is get someone to care about what you want. In relationships each person has what they want, and the good relationships happen when there is a mutual benefit for both people. In the world of business, your customers have what they want, and you have what you want. Getting sales only happens when those two are aligned and both parties get what they want. If you try and sell something to someone they don’t want or need because you want their money it won’t work.

“People Don’t Care How Much You Know, Until They Know How Much You Care.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Takers are only thinking about themselves. By ignoring what others want they push people away from helping them and meeting their needs because they only care about their own needs. As I talk about in the post on The Art of Being Social, you have to engage and create relationships to get discovered. If you remove the relationship part you will find that nobody cares about you being discovered but you and that leads to failure. When you go from being a taker to a giver you attract people to you who want to help you. The principle of reciprocity comes into play and people feel compelled to lift you up and help you because you helped them. As the saying goes, “If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.”

Success is a Team Sport

Nobody wins alone. Whether you are looking for a relationship, friendship, customer, business partner, actor, producer, singer, of fan, everyone relies on others for success. The trait of giving to others not only helps others, but it feels pretty amazing as well. In a selfish world it also makes you stand out. Sometimes the more people want something, the more selfish and single-minded they become as they drive towards their goal. This actually works against them as they ignore the value or goals of everyone around them. But if this is the way everyone is thinking, imagine how valuable you become by helping others achieve their burning desire?

When nobody is helping you succeed, the first sign of help becomes everything. Those people will feel obligated to help you in return and now both of you have two people driving your success instead of one like everyone else. Mobiline app is built on this philosophy. We believe in promoting others and building a community and an app that encourages and rewards people who help others get discovered. This way of promotion gets everyone involved and the net results are that everyone benefits.

Giving to Others Scales Your Results

No matter how talented you are, you need someone to recognize and appreciate it to succeed. The fact is talent doesn’t scale by itself. Back when people needed to be discovered by being on TV or getting a record deal, only a few people had the power to change your life. Now that power has been democratized. Other platforms like Youtube allow you be seen by potentially large crowds, but they fail to actually facilitate that. Everyone is shouting subscribe to me instead of helping others get discovered.

The secret sauce of success is in the numbers. I remember hearing people say, how many followers you have doesn’t matter, those are vanity metrics.” The fact is, that isn’t true. The reason people on talent shows go on to have a career even if they don’t win is they were shared with millions of people. The numbers matter. The problem is generating large numbers by yourself is hard. Thanks to social sharing, if enough people want to help you out, you could get millions of impressions in moments. Going back to the first point, that doesn’t happen when you are a taker and people don’t care about you or helping you.

Giving to others scales your results and activates an army of supporters. The more people who want to promote you, the less anyone has to do to achieve a huge result. Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe have proven the power of the crowd in getting results. Now instead of just asking for help, what if the more people you helped, the more help you got. That is the power of giving first.

We built our app to help everyone get discovered. We want people to be discovered by the perfect relationship, their next best friend. We want business people to get discovered by their ideal customers, and we want consumers to find the best professionals. We want talented people to get discovered both by people that matter in their industry and also by their peers so they can build support that will lead to their ultimate success. We integrate video to keep it real and make real connections. Technology shouldn’t get in the way of relationships, it should make them easier to manage while keeping the human element intact.

If you are as passionate about giving and helping others as we are, we hope you will join our community and spread the word about MobiLine app. We look forward to helping you get discovered!

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