The Art of Getting Discovered

The Art of Getting Discovered

In a world of social media, digital media, and the internet, everyone wants to be discovered. Getting discovered may be for business people connecting with clients, or people hiring them. Discovery may be a person looking for a friend or relationship, or it may mean putting yourself out there and sharing you talent hoping the right people notice you. No matter why you want to be discovered, the internet is making discovery possible for anyone. With that being said. The problem isn’t having the ability to be discovered, it’s the fact that there are so many ways that it actually makes it harder. As the post on Too many Fish in the Sea stated, with so many choices, social discovery and standing out is getting harder so I put together a list of 5 things you can do to master the art of getting discovered.

1 – Be 100% You

The problem with getting discovered in a sea of distraction, competition, and technology is standing out. One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to get discovered is they think they need to be like everyone else who on the scene. This actually makes you disappear, even if you have talent or are excellent at what you do. There is literally nobody like you so that is your secret sauce. That is what will make you stand out in a crowd of wannabes. Be unapologetically you!

2 – Develop Yourself

Now that there is nobody else like you, it’s time to make you amazing at what you do. Invest in your talents and focus on growing and learning everything you can in what you do. Immerse yourself in your field so you shine when people meet you. Mediocrity makes you like others so if you want to stand out, you have to be excellent. Many times on talent shows people have something unique, but they haven’t developed their talent far enough to win. Don’t rise to the occasion, be ready for it.

3 – Go Where Discovery Happens

In their article, 5 Easy Ways to Get Discovered, Risa Cargica and Steve Braun talk about moving to LA or New York because that is where all the people you need to network with are. If you are there developing your craft you will be more likely to be discovered. This is part of why we created MobiLine app. The internet has opened us up to networking with people both locally and worldwide. There is literally no reason a talented person should not get discovered. The problem was there wasn’t really a platform designed for people to get discovered. We use video profiles so people can instantly get to know who you are and they can see your talent. We also built it with the philosophy of promoting each others and letting others help you get discovered. If you want to get discovered, now anyone can connect locally or anywhere with the people who can change their lives.

4 – Be Social

Connections are one thing, but engagement and relationships is another. There are many people out there who are building their social media networks, but they aren’t actually communicating with the people they are connected with. This is why MobiLine is not just a social discovery app, but also a communication app. We want to facilitate real conversations, whether it’s video calls, audio, or text, you start your relationship by being real and using video. People discover others with video profiles, but our patented technology allows you to see and a video preview of incoming connection requests so you can see and hear what every call is about before you answer. If you want to grow your network, you need to develop relationships and we created a way to both discover people and still screen your connections.

5 – Be Consistent

Nobody is really an overnight success. Just because people hear about someone for the first time doesn’t mean they haven’t been working at what they do for years. Being consistent is the key. When others quit and give up, it leaves the rewards for those who refuse to quit. The fact is you aren’t just trying to be discovered, you are trying to be worthy of being discovered. That takes work, and that work pays off over time.

Master these 5 steps and you will be on your way to being discovered. We can’t wait to discover the awesomeness that you are and help you break through and be amazing!

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